Flatiron District Luxury Apartments

The Flatiron district is centrally located in Manhattan. It is a historic preservation right in the middle of the borough. It is bordered by Park Avenue South to the east and Broadway to the west. It is home to the landmark Flatiron Building, which divides Broadway and Fifth Avenue at 23rd Street to the south.

Gramercy Park Luxury Apartments

The Gramercy Park neighborhood is known for being more tranquil than most areas in Manhattan. It is a good place to settle down for people who love serene environments. The streets in the neighborhood are lined by beautiful trees and brownstones.

Greenwich Village Luxury Apartments

Greenwich Village or “The Village” as it is referred to by the residents, is one of the few remaining quintessentially New York neighborhoods left in the city. It is located in lower Manhattan, bordered on the south by Houston Street, on the north by 14th Street, on the east by Broadway and on the west by the Hudson perimeter.

Midtown East Luxury Apartments

Midtown East is a combination of several neighborhoods — everything between 14th street and 60th street is part of Midtown. But the area between 40th street and 60th street and East River to Fifth Ave is called Midtown East.

Midtown West Luxury Apartments

Midtown West is what most people envision when they think of New York City — the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Theater district and the list goes on. It’s called the city that never sleeps mainly due to this area with its constantly flashing bright lights, loud sounds and hustle and bustle.

Murrray Hill Luxury Apartments

Murray Hill is one of the remaining neighborhoods in Manhattan that can be had at a very affordable price compared to the surrounding neighborhoods. Murray Hill offers great skyline views and features tree-lined streets. There are approximately 1,787 trees in this neighborhood, which is not something you can say about other neighborhoods in New York City.

Upper East Side NYC Luxury Apartments

The Upper East Side of Manhattan is the height of luxurious living in New York City. Sleek and chic, it straddles old world elegance and modernity. It is bordered by Midtown, Roosevelt Island, Harlem, Harlem East, and Midtown East. The Upper East Side is well-represented in Popular Culture. From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the Catcher in the Rye to The Great Gatsby to Gossip Girl, the neighborhood has served as a central location in many movies, books, and series.